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Mid-level landscape designer focused on creating community-engaged, trauma-informed, climate-postive solutions aimed at reconnecting people to place.

I use my design and leaderships skills to address issues of social and environmental justice through the creation of authentic, safe, and comfortable places for all.

I believe that the solutions to many problems lie in the knowledge and experience of existing communities, both human and non-human. I see my role as a designer to identify, celebrate, and elevate these strengths. 



Designing through the lens of TID means prioritizing safety, empowerment, and collaboration. Keeping in mind the specific challenges faced by each user group can help inform how the space can foster healing and growth. 


Active and empathetic listening enables authentic solutions specific to each community or client. I focus on creating partnerships rooted in trust and honesty.



Constantly seeking the most sustainable and regenerative solutions available. Whenever possible, I seek to use local materials, alternative construction methods, and regenerative practices. 

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