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Studio Project

Roberto Clemente Park | San Juan, Puerto Rico

This 3-week intensive studio project aims to reconnect people to place via the implementation of an eco-infrastructural mangrove park at the edge of San Juan Lagoon and Roberto Clemente Park. Inspired by the near-by abandoned Moshe Safdie development and surrounding communities, this project uses these modular structures as landmarks to invite people into new and  unused parts of their own communities.


By tearing this shoreline seam apart, the edge condition is multiplied, providing a more dynamic and productive version of the existing mangrove ecosystem. Maximizing the area of mangrove forest will help filter and sequester pollutants, soften storm surge, and provide necessary nursery habitats for important species. The location invites water to flood this largely unused space to alleviate flooding pressure from more developed areas. In addition to maximizing ecological services, this park provides the surrounding communities with an opportunity to discover and participate in the restoration of a healthy local ecosystem through recreational and educational activities. 

A series of boardwalks winds through the different micro-environments providing opportunities for biking, walking, running, skating, etc. The lagoon itself will be navigable by kayak, paddle board, and small fishing boats. The majority of the park will remain largely untouched for minimal disturbance with a few key programmed spaces utilizing re-purposed modular components from Sadfie's near-by abandoned Habitat. The structures will serve as places for play, gathering, and experimentation. 

​Renders: Auto-CAD, Rhino, Photoshop, Illustrator.

Artboard 1-100.jpg
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